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Here is were I will be reviewing a variety of comic books in my own inimitable style. Which hopefully is good.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Little Man

One thing I love about the world is when Wolverine gets all dressed up, like when Professor Xavier has come to invite Kitty Pryde to join his prestigious school . . .

Just lookit him! With his little suit and his little hat and his little bolo tie . . . he's like a midget circus bear goin' to church on his birthday. It's downright adorable.

And here's everybody gone down to the maltshop. The X-Men were so charmingly Norman Rockwell-esque back in thos carefree innocent days of - what is Wolverine reading?

Hustler?!? The skinniest of the skin mags? While chaperoning a thirteen year old girl? Not to mention Petey Rasputin, the then-youngest of the X-Men and all-round innocent. Not bragging here, but I happen to know that magazine features both penises and vaginas, sometimes in less-than-tasteful situations . . .

Penthouse does have a hint of artistic value, I'll admit. That soft focus is classy stuff. And Wolverine does threaten the shopkeep with serious physical harm. That's more like the hero we all know and love. Yes kids, anyone can redeem themselves in my eyes!
turns out I was reading X-Men #129 (January, 1980) By Chris Claremont and John Byrne with Terry Austin, inker

Friday, April 06, 2007

Batman Annual #10

This is actually a pretty fun read, provided you suspend a little disbelief. Or, preferably, are completely ignorant of financial situations and laws. Ol' Prof. Hugo Strange bankrupts Bruce Wayne's company and self and buys his house and won't let him back in. As you can see above, Bruce uses his pocket money to buy a battery powered hot plate and batteries. Also some food, not shown. Then he visits a local alley.

What else to do but become Batman and save the day! Or wait, let's get in closer . . .

Become Batman, turn your cape into a bindle, and haul around a dirty mattress.

Then Bathobo eats beans.
this was brought to you by Batman Annual #10 (1986) wrote by Doug Moench, drawed by Danys Cowan & Alfredo Alcala.