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Here is were I will be reviewing a variety of comic books in my own inimitable style. Which hopefully is good.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Whups. Sorry about that.

So yeah, it may have appeared that I disappeared for a bit there. I didn't. I've just been busy enough not to be able to write down all the things I've been meaning to about all the comic books I've been reading. And I've been reading a lot of them. Perhaps too many. If I read fewer I'd have more time, but fewer things to say. I know that's a lousy excuse for a catch-22, but it's the only one I've got. Anyhow, until I regain the time and energy required to write reviews fit for reading, I'm going to reformat somewhat to keep up the content. It's a little different, so bear with me. The concept is fairly straightforward: Funny Panels! Like this one, in which Batman goes to Florida, where he finds a boat and loses his grammatical capabilities.

Tune in soon for an installment about the stupendous powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Panel found in Batman #277 (July 1976); Written by David V. Reed, Drawn by Ernie Chua and Tex Blaisdell